Since the company’s inception in early December 2016, L.E. Geosolutions has been working diligently preparing submittals in order to gain approval on various Department of Transportation Qualified Product Lists (QPLs). As of late February 2017, L.E. Geosolutions BX geogrids are approved in the States of Ohio (LEgeo BX2020) and Iowa (LEgeo BX4100). The City of Wichita, KS has also approved one of our company’s BX geogrids (LEgeo BX4100) along with our LEgeo RG2010 fiberglass interlayer geogrid; the latter is used to help retard thermal crack propagation on the City’s busy streets. Inventory for each of these key markets is available locally within the States.

L.E. Geosolutions has products being reviewed by several other Departments of Transportation and expect to see approvals on these submittals very soon. The company also has products that meet Departments of Transportation Specifications in the States of Wisconsin and Texas. The former has already installed their first LEgeo BX Type 1 geogrids and our first Texas Departments of Transportation installation in anticipate later this Spring.