Through the development of partnerships with some of the construction industry’s leading product manufacturers, L.E. Geosolutions has recently expanded the scope of the geosynthetic solutions the company is able to offer its clients. Whilst continuing to utilize their staff members’ extensive experience in the application of its core geogrid products, L.E. Geosolutions is now able to provide innovative, cost-effective alternatives based on the use of fiber reinforcement technology in asphalt and concrete materials. In addition, the company recently partnered with a leading manufacturer of 3-Dimensional drainage net products which can be used in both flexible and rigid pavements.

Company Founder Jim Penman tells the story – “Having spent close to 25 years researching, marketing and selling the products, realistically I am always going to be recognized as ‘a geogrid guy’. In truth though, I fully recognize the value other geosynthetics can bring to the table, so having my hands tied somewhat has at times been a little frustrating. One of the advantages of founding my own company is that it allows me to offer alternative technologies, in some cases as a means to solve the same problem. For example, I am currently working on a project for one of the Class 1 railroads, a company I have provided geogrid solutions for on many occasions over the last 13 or so years. In this particular case, Norfolk Southern is faced with a set of problems at one of their existing facilities in the Northern US. Soft, frost-susceptible soils resulted in the Engineer of Record offering up a particularly thick flexible pavement section. However, using a combination of BX geogrids, a 3-Dimensional drainage net and asphalt reinforcement fiber, we were able to come up with a much thinner and more cost-effective pavement. Behold the beauty of a more extensive product portfolio!”.