Asphalt Reinforcement (RG) Geogrids and Pavement Mats

L.E. Geosolutions’ glass-fiber (RG) geogrids are used to help retard reflective cracking in the asphaltic layers within flexible and composite pavements. They comprise extremely stiff fiber-glass strands knitted together to form a grid structure and then coated with an elastomeric polymer. For ease of installation, if required the products can be supplied with adhesive on the underside to help bond them to an existing asphalt surface.

Reinforcement Mechanism

The principle mechanism involved with the use of geogrid interlayers is often referred to as “through-hole bonding”. This essentially involves the placement of the geogrid between two layers of asphalt such that there is sufficient bonding between the asphalt layers to prevent the development of a slip plane during trafficking. Once this mechanism is established, a composite material is formed whereby the tensile strength of the geogrid combines with the compressive strength afforded by the asphalt it is adhered to.

Existing cracks propagating to the surface are intersected by the geogrid and transferred horizontally for a period of time before starting to rise vertically again towards the surface. The length of time the crack takes to travel horizontally corresponds to the extra life of the overlay. Under most circumstances the design life of an overlay can be increased by a factor of 2 to 3 times by including an LEgeo RG geogrid within it.

Other Asphalt Reinforcement Products

In addition to the more conventional asphalt reinforcement geogrids described above, L.E. Geosolutions provides alternative interlayer products to satisfy the user’s specific needs or circumstances. For example, some engineers and installers prefer geogrids with a fabric backing to help with installation and provide a water retardation layer. In other cases, budget constraints result in the need for a cheaper product which acts principally as a waterproofing layer but also has moderate tensile strength for reinforcement.

These products comprise an L.E. Geosolutions RG geogrid bonded to a non-woven geotextile. Composite asphalt reinforcement products of this type combine the reinforcement benefit of the geogrid with a paving geotextile which forms a moisture barrier when soaked with bitumen.


These are also composite interlayer products and involve the incorporation of a lighter duty fiberglass geogrid sandwiched between two light, non-woven scrim layers. Reinforcement and moisture retardation functions are attained with these products.



L.E. Geosolutions’ products are manufactured using the highest quality standards possible. Our vendors’ are fully accredited with local and international bodies and a full QA/QC document can be provided upon request. In addition, Mill Certificates can be provided for products sold on specific projects.